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Concealed wash basin tap LINUS W-E-V
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Concealed wash basin tap LINUS W-E-V Cold water/pre-mixed water For WBW-E-V concealed masterbox. Infrared sensor-controlled. Mains operation. Suitable for networking with the SCHELL SWS water management system. Configurable via SCHELL Single Control SSC. Scope of delivery Front panel with infrared sensor window Installation frame with infrared sensor electronics, programmable Concealed transformer 9 VDC, 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Wall outlet with flow regulator (theft-safe) Fastening material Technical data Setting options via SWS SSC Sensor range (short/medium/long) Programming via short range reflex (off/on) Max. flow time (1-360 s) Follow-up time (0.6-60 s) Stagnation flush (off/5-600 s, every 1-240 h after last flush/every 1-240 h) Continuous flush for thermal disinfection, with anti-scalding protection (off/15-600 s) Duration of flow (off/15-600 s) Energy saving mode (off/1-254 h after last flush) Cleaning stop (off/60-360 s) Setting options via short range reflex Sensor range (short/medium/long) Stagnation flush (off/30 s, every 24 h after last flush/every 24 h) Continuous flush for thermal disinfection, with anti-scalding protection (off/300 s/120 s) Cleaning stop (off/60 s) Flow: max. 5 l/min pressure independent Flow pressure: 1.0 - 5.0 bar Max. Resting pressure: 8 bar Max. operating temperature: 70 °C (80 °C for thermal disinfection) Material: Outlet Brass, conform to German drinking water regulations; Front panel Brass Surface: Outlet Chrome; Front panel Chrome Outlet: L 170 mm Dimensions front plate: w 188 mm x h 180 mm x d 12 mm - 019410699
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