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Exposed shower tap VITUS VD-C-T / o
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Exposed shower tap VITUS VD -C-T / o Mixed water, ThermoProtect thermostat Triggering via CVD-Touch electronics with automatic closing. Battery operation. Shower connection at top. Integrated SWS BE-F VITUS wireless bus extender for networking with the SWS water management system. Configurable via SCHELL Single Control SSC. Scope of delivery Electronic self-closing exposed shower tap ThermoProtect thermostat, conform to EN 1111, unlockable/lockable temperature lock at 38 °C, anti-scalding protection if cold water supply fails CVD-Touch electronics, programmable, IP65 protection against low-pressure water jets BE-F VITUS wireless bus extender Solenoid valve 6 V automatic thermal disinfection with SWS (in accordance with DVGW worksheet W 551). 6 V solenoid valve with pre-filter 2 backflow preventers (EN 1717: EB-type) 6 V battery compartment (integrated) 4x AA alkaline battery 1.5 V 2 S-connections and rosettes (depth-adjustable) Technical data Setting options via SWS SSC Actuation force (soft/medium/hard) Manual programming (off/on) Max. flow time (1-950 s) Stagnation flush (off/1-1000 s, every 1-250 h after last flush/every 1-250 h) Actuation timeout (off/1-255 s, timeout 1-2000 min) Setting options via manual programming Max. flow time (4-120 s, 10 program stages) Stagnation flush (off/20 s, every 24 h) Flow pressure: 1.0 - 5.0 bar Max. Resting pressure: 8 bar Max. operating temperature: 70 °C (80 °C for thermal disinfection) Material: Housing Brass, conform to German drinking water regulations Surface: Chrome Connection: 2x DN 15 G 1/2 AG Outlet: DN 15 G 1/2 AG (top) Certificates: PA-IX 28574/IB, Belgaqua Noise class: I Flow class: B - 002150699
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fitting type
Tapping fitting (e.g. sanitary fittings, outlet fitting, tap valve, mixer taps, two-handle fittings)
Installation location
warm and cold PWH, PWC drinking water
Sound insulation class / noise class
sound insulation class 1
perm. operating temperature
70 °C
perm. operating pressure
5 bar
nominal size DN
nominal pressure PN
minimum operarting temperature
10 °C
Housing material
Quantity per packaging unit
1 PCE per pack
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